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2014’s Best Looks in Men’s Fashion

It’s been another fantastic year in men’s fashion, from floral prints in the spring to corduroy suits in the fall. So to pay tribute to this unforgettable year, we thought we’d highlight a few of our favorite looks for each season of 2014.
Spring/Summer: Florals. From floral shorts to blazers and vests, floral prints were huge in the first half of the year. Much of the appeal of florals lies in the fact that they’re incredibly versatile, great with trainers or oxfords, shorts or trousers. Throw a fedora on top and you’re bound to get noticed. Don’t expect this trend to fade in 2015.
Fall: Suit and a sweater. One of the biggest looks this past fall was the combination of a sweater with a suit. Sure, you lose the advantage of a tie when you go this route, but wearing a sweater instead of an oxford is a great way to make the most of your wardrobe and stay toasty on those extra chilly fall days. Go V-neck for mild days and spring crew neck for cold days—we’re sure to see it hang around in 2015.
Fall: The Corduroy Suit. Ok, we know this makes two looks for fall, but the corduroy suit was too good to leave out. Cotton construction offers an abundance of warmth, while the slim cut of the trousers and jacket highlights the athletic build of today’s physically fit guy. Besides, corduroy has a vintage appeal that’s absolutely timeless.   
Winter: Monochromatic look. Black-on-black and blue-on-blue are definitely blasts from a once unsightly past in men’s fashion, but it’s the slim cut of today’s suit that made the monochromatic look flourish in the chilly months of 2014. Of course, white-on-white was part of the hot, yet short-lived “all white” trend earlier in the year.
Year-round street wear: Banged up denim. Once again, another style that recalls those forgettable 80s made an appearance 30 years later—ripped and torn denim was back in 2014 and more popular than ever. Torn jeans with a blazer and sweater impart a breathtaking contrast, combining raw male ruggedness with Main Street class.
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