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27 Grooms Sporting Skinny Ties

Have you ever seen that movie 27 Dresses? Okay—maybe not, because it’s a total chick flick, but the point is that groomsmen have the advantage when it comes to wedding fashion. They don’t have to wear outrageous dresses (and pretend to like them), show up hours before the ceremony to have their hair and nails done and they can return their rental tuxedo the next day instead of stuffing them in the back of their closets.
But there have been a few wedding trends for men that we were happy to see go. White tuxedos, anyone?
Modern weddings take on the personality of the bride and groom. Churches have been replaced with outdoor ceremonies and creative venues like museums and historical sites, the booze is free-flowing (sometimes even before the ceremony!) and bridal party attire is no longer limited to long silk dresses and three piece tuxedos. If you’re looking to set your groomsmen apart, consider skinny ties! Skinny ties offer a minimalist feel that will have your grooms looking fresh and classy.

For more ideas on how to incorporate skinny ties into your groomsmen's attire, click here: http://www.weddingomania.com/27-stylish-grooms-outfit-ideas-with-skinny-ties/. 

Check out our collection of skinny ties, bow ties and pocket squares at Skinny Tie Madness!


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