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3 Ways to Incorporate Color into a Winter Wardrobe

Sunny autumn days are beginning to give way to dreary, overcast winter skies, and all of a sudden those yellows and pinks in your wardrobe just don’t feel the same. But hey, just because the trees are bare and the sky is gray doesn’t mean you have to wear boring dark colors all season. Here we’ve listed a few simple tips for incorporating some fresh colors into that bundled winter wardrobe of yours.
#1: Get flashy with footwear. Boots shmoots. They’re drab anyway, and they rely on flashy colors in the pants and shirt to make a statement. Look for brown or tan oxfords with colored laces or soles. Designers know that it’s hard to incorporate color in your winter wear, which is why they pair brown suede with colors such as royal blue, lime green, and even crimson red.
#2: On with the outerwear.  Yeah, every guy and his grandpa rock a pea coat, but it’s the way to go unless you want to look like a human bowling ball, ala George Costanza in a gortex coat. And forget the long leather jacket—this is 2014, not 1984. With pea coats, stay away from black like the plague, and shoot for navy, grey, brown, or charcoal. They’re much more welcoming to the eye than black. For your formal wear, don’t hesitate to sport a puffer vest. You’ll be hard pressed to find one in any colors besides dark blue, hunter green, and grey, but again, avoid black.
#3: Go all out on accessories. The playmakers of your winter wardrobe are undoubtedly your accessories. If you weren’t big on scarves in the past, meet your new best friend this winter. In the likely event that you’re wearing a lot of neutrals, a scarf with some loud colors like orange, red, and green can take your cold outfit to a bold new dimension. Resist the temptation to go with grey here. Another great winter color is sky blue, but it typically only pairs well with grey and charcoal.
Because you won’t be spending all of this season outdoors (at least we hope not), don’t hesitate to get freaky with your ties. Remember, the tie is the undisputed centerpiece of your outfit, and the right tie can breathe some serious life into any outfit. Look for the same colors mentioned above (sky blue, orange, red, and green). If you want to stay in a winter frame of mind, look for those colors in plaids.
There you have it! For more great tips on men’s style, check out Skinny Tie Madness. Stay warm!

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