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4 Mantras a Tie Guy Can Live By

Let's face it: Sometimes we can have a negative outlook on life. We often fill our heads with thoughts about the job we don't like, the growing to-do list we don't want to do, and the complicated relationships we are involved in. This kind of thinking can take over and impact our happiness. By spending some time alone each day to focus on positive thoughts, we can help to relieve a little stress and focus on the good things in life. Here are 4 mantras that define a Skinny Tie guy.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone — A guy who wears a Skinny Tie is not worried about conforming to the masses. He is comfortable in his own skin and his own wardrobe choices. He takes risks when it comes to making a statement with his tie choice, yet he always looks polished and sophisticated.
  2. Walk with a purpose — A Skinny Tie guy is confident and walks with his head held high. He is focused on getting the job done, and his look shows it. He begins each day with positivity and is determined to be successful.
  3. There is only one chance at a first impression — Why look like everyone else when you can create your own style? A Skinny Tie guy makes a great first impression with his unique look. He is not afraid to wear bold colors or designs that showcase his personality. 
  4. Don't judge others — A Skinny Tie guy is not in the business of judging others. He is happy with himself and understands everyone is going through their own journey. He does not expect others to be like him, nor will he try to be like anyone else. 

When you start to feel negative, shift your focus to what you DO want in life. Your thoughts and words will shape the core of your being and your destiny. Repeat the mantra that speaks to you and get ready to notice a change. 

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