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4 Masterful Rules for Mixing Shirts and Ties

Mixing shirts and ties is more than matching colors if you want to make an outfit that rocks. With today’s variety of styles in formal wear, the right shirt and tie combination can make you look like a stud, while the wrong combination can make you look like a slouch. Below we’ve listed four of the biggest rules to keep in mind as you pair up your shirts and ties, with some tips for contrasting and combining colors.

1. Stay consistent with colors. Regardless of patterns, you can never go wrong when the colors in your shirt are in your tie as well. When combining different shades of the same color, make sure that the lighter shade is in your shirt and the darker shade is in your tie.

Too many different colors can be distracting, so avoid mixing multi-colored shirts with multi-colored ties, even if the colors are similar. If the shirt has a complex pattern, go with a solid tie, and vice versa. The idea here is simple: the shirt is the quiet backdrop of your outfit, while the tie is the outspoken centerpiece. 

2. Contrast your colors. Feeling adventurous? Just make sure you do it right and contrast the right colors. Below we’ve provided a few examples of contrasting color combinations that work.

  • Purple tie, yellow shirt
  • Light blue shirt, orange or burgundy tie
  • Light green shirt, red tie

3.  Stay in check. Mixing similar patterns can be tricky, but nothing short of straight up swank when well executed. When going with checkered patterns, make sure that the patterns are smaller on your shirt and larger on your tie. Whatever you do, never mix checks and stripes. Ever.  
4. Larger patterns on the tie, smaller patterns on the shirt– we mean it. Big stripes on the tie, small stripes on the shirt. Large plaid on the tie, small plaids on the shirt. Catch our drift?

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