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6 Power Moves Postgrads Can Pull to Get Ahead at Work

You’ve successfully managed to graduate from college with a respectable degree and a lifetime of memories. Now you’ve joined the ranks of the working world, and the thrill of being hired as an entry-level employee is quickly wearing off. If you’re like most postgrads, you’re mourning the loss of your glory days, just waiting for the day when you no longer have to do grunt work for your boss. For those hoping to move up the corporate ladder sooner rather than later, these six tips are sure to help you get ahead.

1. Strike a Pose

Did you know that your posture has a significant impact on both your mind and body? In fact, authoritative poses have been proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. Before your next big presentation, spend two minutes practicing power poses. Positions that feature a lifted chest, a head held high, and open limbs help you feel more confident and powerful. To learn more about power poses, check out this TED Talk from Amy Cuddy, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.”

2. Dress the Part

You’ve surely heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Your outward appearance tends you reflect who you are on the inside, so put devote a few extra minutes to getting ready in the morning. If you’re a postgrad looking to spiff up your work wardrobe, check out Skinny Tie Madness. Founded in 2012, Skinny Tie Madness is home to the most comprehensive selection of skinny ties on the web. With countless colors, patterns, and designs, these ties will help you look sharp without breaking the bank. Plus, the cheeky names, like Ben Dover, Anita Bath, and Seymore Butts, will keep you laughing and lighthearted even when working long hours.
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3. Quality Plus Quantity

Come in early and leave late; simple as that. You’re probably thinking, “Well, the quality of my work is what really matters, right?” Wrong. Quality is important, but quantity shows dedication. Sparing an additional 15 minutes before and after hours shouldn’t cut into your personal life, but it will make a good impression at the office. 

4. Pick Up the Slack

If you have downtime, take the initiative and offer to take something off a colleague’s plate. This allows you to practice working on a variety of diverse assignments, expanding your range of knowledge and experience. Make it a point to willingly complete the tasks that others may neglect. Even small things, like cleaning out the community refrigerator, will be greatly appreciated.

5. Cut the Gossip

Office gossip is often rampant and irresistible, especially when you’re frustrated, but you’ve got to take the high road on this one. Talking negatively about coworkers is unprofessional, and ultimately, it makes you look bad. Not only that, workplace gossip also tends to stunt productivity and lower morale. If you’re hanging around the water cooler and hurtful hearsay begins, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and get back to work. 

6. Raise for a Raise

Know the worth of your job and your performance. If you feel that you’ve been excelling in your position for an extended amount of time, raise your hand to request an increase in pay. If your appeal is denied, talk with your boss about what you could do differently in order to warrant a raise.

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