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6 Suit Rules That Suit You (Not Your Tailor)

Unless you’re a tailor, you don’t need to know all of the 27,000 rules of how a suit should fit. Because when you buy an off-the-rack suit, you always take it to the tailor to have it altered according to all those special rules.
So instead of listing all the rules your tailor needs to know, we simply listed the biggest suit rules that you need to know.
#1: Unbutton the jacket before you sit down
It’s just what you do.
#2: Expose shirt sleeve cuffs no more than a ½ inch
Some old school tailors will want to leave those sleeves long, so be sure to mention that you want to show a bit of shirt sleeve. Slightly exposing the sleeves helps show your wrists a bit, so that you don’t look like a five year old drowning in his father’s suit.
#3: Lapel width should match your tie width
Think of the tie and the two lapels on the jacket as the Three Musketeers of your outfit. If the tie is slimmer or wider than the lapels, they’ll look more like the Three Stooges. You follow? Most suit jackets today are designed with relatively thin lapels (about 2-2.5” in length), while vintage American suits often have super wide lapels. So if you’re going with a modern suit, try completing the look with a skinny tie.
#4: The bottom button of the vest is always unbuttoned
Because it’s not all that proper to unbutton your vest when you sit down, too
#5: Remove the label from the jacket sleeve before wearing it.
Unlike your polos, suits don’t rely on the presence of a name brand logo to make a great impression. When you try your new suit on when you pick it up from the tailor, check to make sure that the emblem on the left sleeve was removed.
#6: The hem of your pants should just touch the top of the shoes
Modern style calls for the type of hem your grandmother would call “high floods.” But we like to think it is way more sophisticated than having your ankles covered by heaping folds of fabric. Make sure your tailor is up to speed with today’s trouser look, and don’t forget your snazzy dress socks! 

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