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7 Formal Style Rules for the Modern Man

While there’s no such thing as the fashion police, violating the rules of style can definitely prevent you from landing that new job, earning a raise, or even make you the laughing stock of the office. Simply put- one of the first steps towards gaining respect is paying attention to the way you dress. So to help you look your best, we’ve listed the seven most important formal style rules for guys.

Rule #1: Your belt and shoes should always match. Brown shoes go with brown belts, black shoes go with black belts. Think it doesn’t make a difference? Try mixing them up the next time you get ready for work, and you’ll see right away how ridiculous a brown belt and black shoes (or vice versa) look. Also, color shades count. If you’re shopping for a brown belt, make sure you have a picture of your brown shoes handy so you can make a flawless match.

Rule #2: Flat-front trousers, all the way. It’s 2014, not 1914. If you have any pleated pants, drop them off at the nearest consignment store and run like the wind. Flat-front trousers are sleek and slimming, while pleated pants make you look like a clown. Another great thing about flat-front pants is that they’re great for any body type.   

Rule #3: You can’t go wrong with navy suits. When you think of navy, think neutral. Navy is great with any skin tone or hair color, and it’s simply the essence of professionalism.

Rule #4: Shake things up with brown shoes. Unless you’re in the military, add some pop to your formal wear with brown shoes. And you can pull this off because you don’t wear boring black suits, right?

Rule #5: Color coordinate your ties and your shirt. If you’re going with a solid tie, make sure that the tie is a darker shade than your oxford. When wearing striped or patterned ties, make sure that the secondary color jives with your oxford or suit, and look to the primary color as the eye-catching accent to your outfit.

Rule #6: Wear clothes that fit. If your clothes are too loose, you’ll look sloppy. If they’re too small, you’ll look like a little kid, no matter how buff you think you are. After you buy a suit, always visit a tailor.

Rule #7: Tuck it in, even on casual Friday. Even if you’re wearing jeans and a polo at the office, tuck that shirt in. Need we say more?
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