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​What Your Tie Says About You

Your tie is a statement piece, the undisputed centerpiece of the male outfit. A tie can make or break your look, and speak volumes about you before you even say a single word. And when it comes to formal wear, the best way to stand out from the rest of the starched shirts is with a stylish tie that’s singularly you. To help you decide what you want your tie to say about you, we’ll break down a few common tie colors and the characteristics they portray.

Red. It’s the ultimate color for politicians, and anyone in a leadership position has at least four of them. Standard red is great for those who want to be seen as powerful and assertive. Since red is traditionally used to signify danger, oftentimes our attention is heightened when we see red objects- and that includes neckties. On the other hand, dark red hues can help you be seen as more of a trustworthy or candid person.

Black. It’s sleek, mysterious, and downright sophisticated (hence, the “Black Tie Gala”). However, wear black ties sparingly, as they can make you seem pretentious when worn often. 

Yellow and Green. Think daisies, nature, and a sky full of sunshine. Yellow and green are two common colors for the cheery types, with yellow being slightly more traditional. While green is a refreshing color, a sight for sore eyes, if you will, some people will see a green tie and think “inexperienced.”

Purple. People who wear purple are confident, successful, and looking to stand out from the rest. Purple, especially deeper shades, is typically associated with royalty, making it a great tie choice for those who want to look and feel wealthy.

Blue. Blue is like the Switzerland of ties- it’s simply neutral. Blue is incredibly calming, and goes great with just about any dark colored suit. If you’re the no-gruff, conservative type, go with a darker shade, like royal blue or navy to give your outfit a refined touch.

What do ties say to you when you meet someone new? Feel free to post your thoughts in the space below. For more tips on men’s style, please visit http://articles.skinnytiemadness.com/
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