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7 Hot Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean that your good sense of style needs to pack it in for the season. Look at the bright side—all those extra layers you’ll be wearing let you incorporate a little more dash in your outfit. So to help you stay warm and look awesome all season long, we’ve listed seven winter wardrobe essentials that no guy can do without.
#1: Puffer vest. Perfect for fall and winter alike, puffer vests offer a stylish layer of warmth without the bulk. They’re incredibly versatile and great with anything from a button down and a tie to a thermal long-sleeve.
#2: Wool Blazer.  Go from downtown trendy to after-hours suave with a well-cut wool blazer this season. Black lends itself to the traditional suit-and-tie guy of any age, where navy and gray are youthful alternatives that will pair perfectly with a variety of colors.
#3: Boots. A pair of shoes can make a statement, but the right boots can make an entire outfit. Pick a pair with classic Italian leather, and they’ll last a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and make sure you find a good cobbler as well. Between the salty streets, cold temps, and holiday rush, your boots will get a ton of use and need some conditioning at the end of the season.
#4: Pea coat. No matter where you live, a pea coat is a standby classic for any guy’s wardrobe. Black and navy are always popular choices, but brighter choices make a bigger splash if you want to make a statement.
#5: Scarves. From merino wool in a soft gray to the classic Burberry plaid, scarves provide warmth and an instant style upgrade. Don’t skip on the scarf tie style either—there’s a plethora of ways to tie a great scarf, especially if you’re wearing your stylish pea coat or tailored blazer.
#6: Touchscreen gloves. Need we explain why these are a winter wardrobe essential? You can find them in all types of materials, not just cotton and polyester, so pick up a pair or two and leave them in your coat pocket when you’re not wearing them.
#7: Thermal henley. They’re rugged, refined, and great for staying toasty on those extra cold days. Henleys are typically slim cut, featuring three buttons at the top for ventilation when you’re a little too warm. Grab a couple in your favorite colors. 

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