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Back to Basics: Five Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

Every guy needs a collection of dress shirts in his closet that is simple, classic and versatile. Whether you are just building your wardrobe or adding a few new pieces, these are the top picks for looking your best at the office or out on the town.

  1. Classic white — The classic white shirt goes with every tie and suit in your closet. Stock up on a few with semi-spread collars for a crisp, clean look. You can wear this with a suit or under a sweater and it will look great with both. Prices can range from cheap to expensive, so look for a good quality cotton shirt with breathability.
  2. Light blue — A standard shirt, similar to the classic white, the pale blue shirt can be dressed up or down, but tends to look a bit more casual. You can play up the colors a little more with this one. Other pale-colored shirts are good options to have in your collection, but if you are unsure, start out with the blue.
  3. White base, thin stripe — A single color thin-striped and evenly spaced is a good option for business. With a white base, the stripes add a bit of interest to the shirt. You can still get away with a thicker striped skinny tie with this shirt, too.
  4. Pale, subtle patterned — This is an opportunity to bring in the pink and get a little more creative while still looking polished and put together. If pink is not your thing, you can stick with a blue subtle patterned shirt for a change.
  5. Micro pattern — These shirts can be gingham, small check or houndstooth and have two, possibly three (but no more), colors going on with a very small pattern. These look best when you wear a suit without a tie or just by themselves with trousers. There are many color combinations available to suit your tastes.

When possible, buy all-cotton shirts, They will keep you cooler and more comfortable. When you find a brand you like, buy two or three of the same shirts to keep it simple. Mix and match with different suits and Skinny Ties and you will have plenty of new looks.

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