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Best Gifts for the Office Secret Santa

Are you a holiday fanatic who starts putting up the outside lights the day after Thanksgiving? Or do the holidays send you running for the hills? Whether you find yourself whistling Christmas carols to yourself or muttering “bah humbug” under your breath, one thing that often breeds stress instead of joy is the office secret Santa gift exchange. Depending on the size of your office, you may be struggling to choose a gift for someone you barely know or trying to avoid giving a terrible gift to the guy in the next cubicle. If you need some advice, check out these foolproof gifts that will make you an instant office hero.

Gift cards. Many people say that gift cards are lazy, thoughtless gifts, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In all honesty, gift cards are the perfect compromise when buying for someone you don’t know very well or a coworker who is a total gift snob. In all seriousness, who wouldn’t rather choose their own gift? If you’re still stumped on which store to choose, consider a gift card to a restaurant or the movies. Everyone loves to eat!

Don’t be afraid to go homemade. If you work in a small office where everyone knows everyone really well and you’re shopping on a budget (honestly, who isn’t these days?), a homemade gift is a great option. If you’re an artsy person, an original painting, framed photograph or project will make you an instant success.

Booze. Give the people what they want! Let’s be real, the best part of the office Christmas party is the free booze, so why not continue the merriment with a nice bottle of wine or a fifth of your favorite liquor?

A tie with personality. A tie from Skinny Tie Madness is the perfect Christmas gift! Everyone looks great in a skinny tie, and they come in a variety of patterns and colors. Some skillful sleuthing will allow you to choose the perfect one for your secret Santa recipient.

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