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Beware the Holiday Parties at Work

Office party etiquette should be on your radar as we approach the holiday season. Holiday parties are typically a time to unwind, socialize, eat and drink. However, there are a few cardinal rules to follow when attending your holiday office party to show off your best self.
Remember that although an office party is a social event, it is still strictly business when it comes to behavior and attire. It is not time to break out the nightclub attire or drink excessively. Moderation is key when it comes to eating and drinking. Conservative clothing is always a good choice, especially if you express yourself with a cool tie. Skinny Tie Madness offers different colors, fabrics and details that will exhibit your good taste.
Enjoy casual and upbeat conversations as you mingle with colleagues. Don’t spend the evening complaining about your job or talking about business ad nauseum. Instead, be gracious, show interest in others and recognize accomplishments over the past year. Avoid controversial subjects and off-color jokes.
The holiday party can be a good opportunity to network with upper management or with those who can influence your career. Introduce yourself and begin building or strengthening relationships. Don’t forget to thank the host or your boss for organizing the party, and consider sending a thank you note to management at a later time.
Remember to keep your professional boundaries in check and you can still have a great time, without regretting it later. 

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