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Big Guys: Sneaky Ways to Dress and Look Slim

Hey, bigger is always better right? Wait, isn’t that what she said? But all joking aside, different types of physiques call for different style strategies, and big guys are no exception. Here we’ll show you some smart ways to dress that are sure to give your physique a slimmer and more athletic appearance.
#1: Fit is everything. Find a fit that doesn’t hug your skin and doesn’t leave extra folds of cloth hanging all over the place. When buying slacks and shirts off of the rack, don’t be afraid to buy them slightly big and take them to the tailor for a perfect fit.
#2: Tuck in your polos, too. An untucked polo can actually make your waistline look bigger than it actually is. Even if you’re not yet in the best shape, a tucked in shirt will always give you a lean look.
#3: Keep it simple. Big patterns and flashy colors aren’t your friend. Think of Homer Simpson wearing a mumu.  Instead, aim for small patterns and cooler colors like grey, light blue, navy, and black. If yellow goes great with your skin color, make sure it’s a lighter shade. The same rule goes for your ties. Speaking of which, the right bowtie from Skinny Tie Madness can go a long way for helping you achieve that sleek, slim look.
#4: Vertical pinstripes make you look taller, while horizontal stripes make you look wider. You follow?
#5: Rock some facial hair. A well-trimmed beard does wonders for making round faces look more square, ala GQ.
#6: Go for low-rise pants. Ever wonder why your slacks have bulging pockets even when the waist size is right? It’s because the waist is cut too high. Low rise pants are shorter in the hips and longer in the legs than regular pants, so you actually look taller and don’t have to deal with pocket bulge.  


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