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Celeb Styles We Want to Steal

Some guys just have it. While men in the media may be able to afford those Armani suits, there’s no reason why you can't take a cue on the sleek styles of these noteworthy celebs.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
The Dark Knight Rises star has an understated style that is perfect for his slender frame. His casual look is the typical jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes, but he is great at dressing it up. Just add a blazer or cardigan, and he’s ready for a night on the town. The best part of Levitt’s style is that while he normally sticks with simple colors like black and gray, he is not afraid of patterns or textures. It’s not unusual to catch him in a striped sweater or plaid skinny tie (bonus!). And don’t forget his trendy hipster glasses.
George Clooney
While Clooney has been acting since the early 80s, he has only become a style icon in last 15 years or so. Nevertheless, the Oscar-winning actor is a classic example of dapper, old-Hollywood charm. His characteristic black suits with no tie have both a sophisticated and laid back feel. Clooney understands the allure of formal suit while allowing his own relaxed personality to shine through.
Prince William
Do you want to feel like a million bucks? Get the girl? Land the dream job? Dress like a royal. Prince William’s style is the perfect balance of the tradition his position requires and a more modern look. Collars, double vent jackets and classic suits, not even fatherhood has taken a hit on the Prince’s attire.
Pharell Williams
These days, it seems like Pharell Williams can do no wrong. From his record-breaking song Happy to his new role as a coach on The Voice, this singer and producer is on a role. Williams knows how to dress for any occasion, and his style ranges from bomber jackets and faded jeans to killer suits and fedoras. It takes a man with real flair to have two successful clothing lines.
Jimmy Fallon
The best accessory for any man is a smile, and Jimmy Fallon keeps us laughing as the new host of the Tonight Show. Whether he’s hosting a talk show or gracing the red carpet, Fallon’s slim suits and token plaid button downs have him at the top of the best-dressed list.

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