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Fall into Style 2015: Style Tips for Guys

With fall just around the corner, now’s the time to pack away the shorts and start upgrading your autumn wardrobe. But before you break out the plastic and hit the stores, we’ll show you what styles are cutting edge in this season’s menswear.
Loud colors. From overcoats to neckties, loud fall colors are huge this year. Colors like brown, olive, and grey will work for your slacks, but you’ll want to shoot for quintessential autumn colors like orange, amber, and red with your statement pieces, especially when it comes to ties.
Bowties. They definitely scream “southern charm,” but bowties are an autumn staple no matter where you come from. Look for bowties in plaid, and aim for the colors we mentioned above.
Loud pattern blends. This year’s fashion month featured a lot of pattern blends, such as overcoats with hounds tooth and native-inspired patterns, as well as paisley patterns infused with autumn colors. Remember—when mixing and matching patterns between your shirt and tie, be sure that the patterns on your tie are bigger than the patterns on your shirt.
Grey blazers. They’re the perfect complement to those loud fall colors, especially blazers in light grey. And don’t forget to rock a pocket square in your blazer. If you’re wearing a heavily patterned shirt beneath the blazer, try going with a solid-colored pocket square that matches your shirt.
Dark wash denim. No matter how many times menswear trends change, this one will always stay the same. The great thing about dark wash denim is that it gives your physique a slim, more refined look while leaving plenty of room for your statement pieces to shine.

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