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Good-looking Groomsmen: How to Make Your Boys Wedding-worthy

Getting married? Congrats! Chances are your lovely bride (and perhaps her mother) have been busily preparing all the details to ensure the day goes off with only one hitch—yours. 

Weddings are one area in which the grooms are usually asked to do minimal heavy lifting, but they may be tasked with dressing their groomsmen. While the bride and her maids may find dresses that go with a certain color or theme, dressing your groomsmen can be a more complicated affair.

From three-piece suits to shoeless ensembles, we’ll help you figure out what groomsmen style is best for your big day.

  • Aside from the wedding theme, the standards for wedding attire will be set by the location, season, and time of the wedding.

  • For the most elegant of weddings, the 3-piece suit or tuxedo is the timeless go-to suit for gentlemen. For night weddings or ceremonies held at lux venues, this traditional standard of jacket, pants & vest is guaranteed to make any groomsman look sharp. And don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with a bowtie for a jazzy touch.

  • For winter weddings, dark colors rule the scene, with light grays and navy making a large appearance in spring, summer & fall. The classic jet black tux is in style year-round for the poshest of occasions, but keep in mind that it’s typically reserved for black tie receptions.

  • Thanks to its versatility, the 2-piece suit busts into the wedding scene as the most popular option for grooms. Whether adding a tie, bow tie, or going simple with no neck accent, the 2-piece suit is classic and formal without being stuffy. Available in a variety of colors and cuts, the 2-piece suit is perfect for daytime or evening weddings, and a great fit for any physique. It’s also worth noting that 2-piece suits have the largest rental selection.

  • For the anti-suit guys, the options are limitless. From khakis on the beach with white shirts and no shoes, to skinny jeans, suspenders, and plaid shirts, the unorthodox and eclectic groomsmen look is super trendy and affordable.

  • If you’re planning a wedding with tons of DIY touches or in an exotic location, the traditional rules for suits, colors and materials are thrown completely out the window. However, keep it tasteful, uniform, and consistent with the location and theme of the wedding. In other words, you need a method for your madness, even if you’re going with an 80’s punk rock theme.

  • Footwear. Whether you pick flip flops or standard lace-up dress shoes, the key is uniformity with footwear amongst your groomsmen. Even for casual weddings, mixing footwear turns a fun spin on attire into distasteful, confusing chaos.

  • Be unique. Even if you’re going with more traditional attire, you can always add cufflinks, hats, or have the guys each wear the same style vest, but in different colors for a rainbow effect. 

Above all, remember to try and enjoy this time of planning. One day you’ll look back at video of your brother’s toast, see how great he looked, and be reminded of a job well done.

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