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Guys: How to Dress to Impress on Your Valentine’s Date

You’ve made the reservations for dinner at your date’s favorite restaurant and arranged to have a bouquet of roses delivered to her office. But no matter how well you plan out the night, an unforgettable Valentine’s Day starts with wearing an unforgettable outfit. So read on, Cupid, and we’ll show you a few ways to hit the bull’s eye on your Valentine’s Day outfit.
Start with the setting
Are you going to a candlelight dinner at a tapas-style restaurant in a hip part of town or heading to a five-star restaurant in center city? Different restaurants call for different attire, and your outfit needs to be up to speed with the formality and mood of the setting.
For dinner at a five-star-esque restaurant, nothing less formal than your best grey suit will suffice. Grey is way versatile, yet irresistibly sleek. Throw on a pair of black oxfords, a patterned white button-down, and a solid, bright-colored tie to give your classy outfit some serious eye-catching pop. Even though the weather is cold, bright colors like yellow, lime green, and pink go brilliantly with grey and have a way of making you and everyone who sees you feel all cheery and warm inside.
On the other hand, if dinner is at a somewhat less fancy fine dining establishment, or you’ve prepared a special dinner at your place, forget the suit and start with an intact (no rips or holes) pair of dark wash jeans. Like a grey suit, dark denim pairs well with just about anything, and it’s refined enough to wear with formal attire on top.
Have fun with your formal wear
From there, decide on what you’ll wear on top and have some fun with your formal wear. Of course, a good starting point is a button-down, but maybe it’s extra cold that day and you want to wear a V-neck sweater over top for some refined warmth. If so, you can go with or without a tie, though a tie always adds an extra dimension of awesome to your outfit. Don’t just wear any old tie—wear something with personality, like a bright-colored skinny tie or a plaid bowtie for some fun sophistication.
Once you’ve planned your outfit, it’s time to pick a pair of shoes. Casual dress shoes, like wingtip oxfords or desert style boots are the way to go if you want to make a memorable outfit. Whether you go with or without the sweater, complete the look with a grey wool blazer. If you’re wearing a plaid blazer, make sure your tie is solid so that your outfit isn’t a crisscrossed mess.
There you have it, Romeo—you’re set to impress! For more tips on men’s style, check out Skinny Tie Madness. 

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