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Guys: How to Look Hot and Stay Cool

We get it. You want to keep cool this summer without sacrificing your sleeves—10-4 on that. Besides, your office definitely doesn't need a Dwight Schrute impersonator. Below we'll break down a few quick tips on how to keep cool and look your absolute best in your work wear.

#1: Stick with cotton
For your slacks and shirts, cotton is simply the way to go in the summer. The great thing about cotton and cotton blends is that they actually help sweat evaporate. We don't recommend 100 percent linen for the office because it wrinkles worse than a raisin, but blends of linen and cotton are great for this balmy time of year. When going with 100 percent cotton, look for pima cotton or Egyptian cotton to keep as cool as possible.
#2: Oh yeah, don't forget cotton ties
Silk might not seem that heavy, but when you have a cotton tie hanging from your collar for the first time, you'll definitely be able to tell the difference. And while they're insanely lightweight, cotton ties are incredibly easy to take care of and don't nick the way that silk ties do. Be sure to go with a skinny cotton tie for maximum coolness.
#3: Lighten up your colors
We don't only wear colors like light blue, yellow, and white to jive with the bright colors of the season, but we wear them because they help reflect sunlight. When it comes to clothing, the darker the color, the more it actually absorbs the heat.
#4: Watch your weaves and your weights
The weave of a fabric is what makes it breathable or insulating, and for summer, you want a weave that's a little more open to allow maximum breathability. Weaves such as poplin and end-on-end are ideal for the warm months, as long as the fabric is lightweight.
Stay cool, fellas.

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