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Hey Mr. Fancy Pants: How to Wear Printed Pants for Men

Attention fashion-forward men: printed pants are no longer just for women!
If you follow the Skinny Tie Madness blog, you’ve probably eased yourself into printed tops (maybe even florals!), printed skinny ties and printed socks. But what about printed pants?
You may be skeptical, but trust us, it can be done. Check out these three tips for wearing printed pants:
1. Solid on top
When your pants are the focal point of your outfit, keep the rest of your pieces solid and neutral. Having print on the top and bottom is too busy, and you might end up looking like a one-man circus act.
2. Fit is king
If you are self-conscious about your printed pants, you’ll only make things worse by being self-conscious about sagging or bulging. Make sure the bottoms you decide on, whether they’re jeans, trousers or slacks, are the style you prefer (boot cut, straight-leg, etc.) and fit like a glove. This way you’ll feel instantly comfortable and ease into the print.
3. Start small
If you like the idea of a printed pant, but need to get used to the idea, start small. Try a fine pinstripe on your slacks before you jump into plaids, checks, stripes or florals.
Adapted from GQ: http://www.gq.com/style/2015/04/men-s-printed-pants#slide=1

(Image courtesy of http://completefashion.org/.)

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