Hip Gifts for Him

Aside from a team jersey, new tool, or personalized memento, what is the best hip gift you can get your guy this Valentine’s Day? Step outside your comfort zone and find something unique and guy-friendly.
Stuffed animals might be cute for a small child, but a grown man does not want or need a plush toy. If he is an outdoorsman, however, he might like an animal mounted for his office or man cave. You can look for real and fake decor to add some style to his space.
Something useful is always a good idea. Chances are your man shaves every day. Why not enroll him in a monthly shave club where he can have his grooming tools mailed directly to his front door? The convenience alone will make this gift a winner.
Your guy probably has a few standard ties in his wardrobe—and you’ve probably seen them all. Enhance his wardrobe with a few skinny ties or pocket squares from Skinny Tie Madness for a wardrobe update. Take the guesswork out and shop by the look that best reflects his style. With hipster, preppy, classic or edgy, you are sure to find something he loves.
It may be time to replace his worn out underwear and fraternity sweats with something more attractive. Every brand has their own appeal with undergarments and athletic wear. Shop around for something you would like to see him in.
As with every gift you give, it is always the effort you put into it that makes it special. Don’t wait until the last minute and get stuck with a box of chocolates!

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