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​How Presidential Style Morphed with Men’s Fashion Trends

From navy and tan suits, dubbed “Obama Suits” in downtown storefronts, to Truman’s exciting selection of neckties, the president never needed an executive order to influence men’s style over the years. Every American president understands the importance of looking his best wherever he goes, and for years America’s men and the biggest designers in men’s fashion have been taking notes.
Presidential Style of Yesteryear

Until Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861, most presidents simply followed the customary rules of men’s style at the time. But Abe Lincoln with his chin-strap style beard and a fat black bowtie wouldn’t save the union and end slavery by floating the mainstream look like every other president before him.
In terms of good style, the most memorable president is undoubtedly J.F.K., whose pinstripe two-button suits and pointed-toe shoes instantly became staples amongst America’s best dressed men in the early 60s. Even to this day, J.F.K.’s mid-century preference for skinny ties still holds some serious weight amongst America’s most fashion-savvy men.
Let’s not forget about Ronald Reagan, whose interesting choice of brown and other earth-toned suits had everyone in the fashion world tilting their heads in intrigue. Of course, if he wasn’t a Hollywood man at one point, Reagan and his unique style wouldn’t have been duplicated so often in the 80s.
2000 and Beyond

Before our current president there was George W. Bush, whose conservative policies weren’t always reflected in his great taste for classic men’s fashion. In fact, his striped ties and navy suits brought back a nautical, Ivy League trend that still influences the wardrobes of men who err on the preppy side.
All eyes today are on President Obama and his unorthodox, sleeves-up style. Today recently did a story on President Obama and his revival of the tan suit. The article shows the likes of Al Roker and Matt Lauer following suit (pun totally intended) and wearing tan suits like President Obama did at a White House press conference in 2014. Even if you’re against the tan suit, there’s just no denying that our president has a knack for dressing well.

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