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How To: Dress for an Early Fall Wedding

Autumn is a lovely time of year for weddings. The heat of the summer has lifted and the cool breezes are a welcome change. Depending on the location of the venue, the weather and the dress code, you need to think about proper attire for attending a fall wedding. Here are some suggestions.

  • For a more formal wedding held at night or in the city, stick with a dark colored suit. A simple white or solid shirt with a conservative tie pairs well with a navy, black or charcoal suit. If it's a black-tie affair, a tuxedo is appropriate.
  • A daytime wedding calls for different attire. Depending on the venue, you can usually get away with wearing a blazer paired with tan or grey trousers and a SkinnyTie. You can forego the tie if its very casual. If it is outdoors, you will need to think about layers that can be removed if the weather warms up. Steer clear of black during the day, which looks too formal.
  • Although it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, if you are certain the wedding is casual, go for a clean and comfortable look. You can skip the jacket and pair a nice button down shirt with a pair of chinos. Feel free to experiment with colors and patterns on your shirt.  

If you are buying something new, make sure you can use it again. You don't want to invest in a suit or blazer for a wedding that you will never wear again. If you are not particularly trendy, stick with classic looks that won't go out of style. If you are more fashion-forward, use accessories like a pocket square to make a bold statement.

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