How To: Get Tailored

Everything in your wardrobe looks better when it actually fits well. Some casual items can fit loosely and still look good, while other more professional pieces should be tailored to your body. Whether you have a closet full of ill-fitted suits or are planning to add some pieces to your professional wardrobe, it's important to become familiar with the benefits of getting your clothes tailored. Here are some helpful tips to help you out.

  1. The first step is finding a skilled tailor or seamstress. Seek recommendations from family and friend, but also educate yourself about the process so you can find someone who does quality work and meets your needs. 
  2. Set up an appointment to examine their handiwork. Look at the details of the stitching on items that have been altered to get an idea of what to expect.
  3. Try to work with someone who has regular availability that can help you in a pinch if needed. 
  4. Determine the skill level of the tailor or seamstress. Basic alterations include things like buttons, trouser length, and jacket sleeve length, and the cost is low. Once you begin to have more specific requests, like adjusting the length of a jacket or adjusting the shoulders, the alterations will be much more expensive. 
  5. Jackets, shirts, and trousers should be altered to fit properly if you can afford it. 

Since you are responsible for your own appearance, it is up to you to make the investment in how you present yourself to others. Many men are hesitant to go to a tailor for fear of the cost, which is sometimes more than the item itself. However, you may find you are saving money in the long run by having your clothing altered. It is likely you can salvage many of the items in your closet if you have them tailored to properly fit. 

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