Keep in Clean, Gentlemen

Most ties are made from delicate materials like silk, and unfortunately, they’re right in the splash zone. If you find yourself with coffee, condiments, or any other debris on your favorite tie, don’t fret—Skinny Tie Madness has you covered.
How to Clean a Tie
1. Blot the stain with a wet paper towel. Do NOT rub the stain—that will make it bigger.

2. Use a hairdryer (or the hand dryer at work) to dry the damp spot.

3. If your tie is made of silk, place a towel on top of a hot surface (like a heater) with the tie on top of the towel. Spray the stained spot with cold water. Blot the spot with a soft tissue and leave it overnight.

4. If the stain is an oily substance, like Italian dressing, use talcum powder or cornstarch. Cover the stain with powder, leave it on overnight and check it in the morning.

5. If these don’t work, try rubbing the affected area with rubbing alcohol. Immediately blow dry the spot afterward.

6. As a last resort, try a stain remover like Resolve on the stained spot. If you’re afraid of ruining the color or pattern, try using Seltzer instead.

 Keep it clean, gents. 

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