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Little Guys and Their Ties: It’s Never Too Early to Dress Up Kids

Having your boy wear ties at a young age is a great way to get him into the idea of looking his best for big occasions. Besides, getting the little one all gussied up in a necktie shows the world that your little man isn’t too young to be sophisticated. So to help you have your boy looking sharp as a tack, we’ve listed a few things to consider as you introduce him to the awesome world of ties.
Bowtie or necktie?
Though we’ve all sported bowties at an early age, the “cuteness” of a bowtie doesn’t do much for making your boy look like a classy little man. Instead, opt for shorter neckties in plaids, checks, or nautical stripes. You can always use clip-ons, but there’s even a simple way to make neckties for toddlers, using old neckties that you don’t wear anymore.
Though silk is the standard, dropping $35 on an imported silk tie for your boy just isn’t always practical. After all, it’s not a question of whether or not he’ll get chocolate cake all over it, but when. Look into other fabrics like cotton or microfiber. The great thing about cotton ties is that they’re machine washable, while some microfiber blends are stain-resistant.
Let him pick
Us guys can remember the days when we were three foot nothing, flopping around the house in our old man’s shoes and jacket with a tie hanging off our neck. When we’re kids, dressing up is fun, except for when everything is picked and laid out by someone else. So instead of taking the choice away from him, take your boy shopping with you and let him pick out the ties if he’s old enough. Once he’s picked out a few that you approve of, have him pick out one of the ties before he gets dressed up.

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