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Mad About Men’s Style: Style Inspired by Mad Men

While men’s style continues to evolve, there’s just something so suave, yet badass about the formal threads that those Madison Ave executives rocked back in the 60s. So how do you pull off Don Draper’s sleek professional style? Read on and we’ll show you four easy ways to give your outfit that debonair, vintage edge.  
#1: An American suit for the quintessential American man
As was the case with the best-dressed fellas in the 60s, the American suit is Draper’s go-to in grey, charcoal, and navy. The great thing about the American suit is that it fits any body type, and today’s versions offer more of that athletic, tapered V-shape we see with DD’s outfits. To learn more about the difference between suit types, check out our Tips for Choosing a Flawless First Suit.
#2: Plain white oxfords
A striped oxford would undoubtedly make Draper look more up-to-speed with modern style, which is why he’s always wearing solid white shirts during the workday. Even as a nod to vintage style, plain white is still tasteless these days. But if you want to mimic the style and still look your age, go with a solid white-ish color like cream or soft yellow to give your outfit a classic feel.
#3: Rock a skinny tie
Just like today, those fat, wide ties were for the common man back in the day. To give a picture-perfect finish to that signature Draper look, go with a skinny tie. It can be striped or solid, but avoid patterns. Remember—we’re talking about the buttoned-up culture of the corporate world in the Sixties here.
#4: Don’t forget a pocket square
Draper was definitely an accessories guy, evidenced by his use of cufflinks and a white pocket square folded horizontally. You don’t have to go with a white pocket square, but make sure it matches the color of your shirt to capture the Mad Men trademark of style.

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