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matte finish

Matte Finish vs Glossy Finish

matte finish

Several of our fans have asked us what a “Matte Finish” really means.  Usually we respond be saying “the opposite of shiny”.  We realize that isn’t really the best explanation so today we are going to explain in detail Matte Finish vs Glossy Finish.


In the above picture the car on the left doesn’t cast much reflection and has a soft feel to it.  That’s a matte finish.  The car on the left is so reflective you could use it to floss your teeth.  That’s a glossy (or shiny) finish.


In the example below the top guitar is a matte finish while the bottom is a glossy finish:


Our ties have a matte finish. Why?  Because we like matte finished ties.  There are plenty of brands that offer awesome shiny ties…we want to focus on awesome matte finish ties.


By definition “Matte Finish” means:

Having a dull or lusterless surface

The word “dull” is so negative.  We’d like to update the definition of matte finish to read:

The Opposite of Shiny

(Mic Drop)

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