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​Men’s Style: Mix and Match Like You Mean It

Until now, men’s style has been all about pleasing the eye with complementing colors and simple patterns. “You gotta look professional, boy,” your father would say, standing there in front of the mirror with his plain white button-down while adjusting his striped tie.
Sure, your old man had a point, but this is 2015 we’re talking about. Personality is actually prized in the workplace these days, which is why you can’t be afraid to get a little creative with your outfit. So read on, grasshopper, and we’ll show you a few tips on how to captivate the world with your knack for clashing style.
Mixing and matching colors

  • Contrasting shades. Throw a darker colored tie on top of a lighter shaded shirt. For example, a dark purple tie on top of a light purple shirt.
  • Complementing colors. Secondary colors in your tie can match your shirt and socks.
  • Contrasting colors. Add a big splash of color with a tie in a contrasting color. For example, if you’re wearing khaki pants and a pink checked shirt, a solid tie in royal blue will make a bold centerpiece to your outfit.

The golden rule of mixing and matching patterns: When matching patterns, whether they’re stripes, checks, or florals, always make sure that the smaller patterns are in the shirt, with larger patterns on your socks and tie. Mixing patterns can be tricky, but when executed right, you’ll be sure to make a killer impression. A few surefire examples include:

  • Small checks on the shirt, big florals on the tie
  • Striped shirts, solid ties
  • And as always, smaller patterns on the shirt, larger patterns on the tie

After you’ve tried these combinations, don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations while you’re shopping. There are a ton of different patterns out there, and no combination is off limits while you’re experimenting in the store. Have fun with it! 

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