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Mix It Up: The Pros of Floral Patterns and Pastels for Guys

With all the gray, navy, and black that still conquers the male wardrobe today, you’d think that there’s some age old law chiseled in stone that says that guys are forbidden from wearing patterns and pastels. Sure, dark colors highlight the no-gruff, macho persona that’s traditionally expected of men. But come on, it’s 2015 for crying out loud. It’s time to mix up the cold, austere look of menswear with fun patterns and verdant colors.
Flowers for Power
Patterns and pastels aren’t just for the ladies these days, but only the most adventurous guys have the guts to wear them. For a couple years now, some of the biggest designers in menswear have incorporated floral prints on their formal wear offerings. Picture rose petal silhouettes on blazers, yellow lilies on button-downs, or rows of ivy sprawling across a suit vest.
Wearing your mother’s garden might seem a bit out of your comfort zone at first, but floral prints capture the soft side of today’s man without compromising his power and masculinity. You see, floral prints have a dreamy Victorian Age appeal to them, enlightening the wearer with extravagance and affluence. In other words, florals just make you look downright classy, but in a rugged, vintage sort of way.
Florals are best for casual wear, but you can still incorporate them in conservative, yet tasteful ways with your formal wear, such as neckties with floral prints, floral patterned socks, or pocket squares.
Pastels for POP
The good news is that stylish guys have been wearing yellow, pink, and other pastels for a while now, so jazzing up your outfit with bright colors shouldn’t be anything new. Pastels are simply great for giving your formal wear some serious pop, whether you go bold with a light green sweater or stay subtle with a solid pink tie.
Pastels work with just about any skin tone, but it’s worth noting that colors such as yellow and purple look even better with dark or olive skin tones, while pink and green are great for more pale complexions. You don’t have to wait for spring to wear pastels. In fact, wearing bright colors in the winter is an easy (and not to mention stylish) way to give you and your coworkers some light therapy to help treat the winter blues.
Remember—the idea here is to step out of your comfort zone. Start with floral-patterned ties and accessories, and gradually work your way up to trousers in pastel colors, for example. Dressing like a man doesn’t mean you have to wear grey, khaki, and black all the time.
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