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New Year, New You: Style Tips for the New Man

At the bottom line of all of your big aspirations and New Year’s resolutions is one simple goal: a new and improved you. Whether you’re looking to score a new job, shed a few pounds, or simply freshen up your look, your style needs to keep up with this brand spanking new version of you. So to help you make this year the best one yet, we’ve listed a few style pointers that are sure to have you looking better than ever.
Start with accessories. If you see yourself losing weight, building muscle, or going through any other major physical changes throughout the year, wait until you get closer to your goal before you shop for clothes. There’s a good chance that what fits now won’t fit later, and on the other hand, it’s way too hard to guess what size will fit in a few months after you’ve reached that new you.
That said, start tightening up your style with new accessories, like a new watch, patterned socks, or new ties. For example, wearing skinny ties is a great way to freshen up your formal wear without making a big investment in new clothes just yet. While shoes aren’t exactly accessories, sporting a new pair of shoes can make last year’s outfits look like they’re from a brand new wardrobe.
Blue suits are the truth. When it comes to formal wear in the new year, blue is about as true as it gets, from classic navy blue to vintage shades like royal blue. The great thing about blue suits is that they’re super versatile, great with just about any color tie and either brown or black shoes. Be sure to use intriguing accessories like patterned socks and pastel-colored ties to add a little extra personality to this hot new style.
It’s ok to show your soft side. Floral prints are big yet again in 2015, especially with blazers and vests. Think patterns of rosy petals or orange lilies on a grey blazer, worn with a grey suit— talk about unique and hip. The idea of wearing your mother’s garden might seem iffy, but trust us when we tell you that floral prints are a great way to get noticed.
Step into the limelight with dark wash denim. Whether you’re dressing down for casual Friday or the dress code at work is pretty laid back, lose the khakis and stand out with dark wash jeans. Like blue suits, dark wash jeans are incredibly versatile, great with anything from a polo to a button-down and a tie. In short, dark wash is the sophisticated way to go casual.
It’s all about the details. Think the cute chick in accounting doesn’t notice your wrinkled shirt? Think again. Whether it’s the closeness of your shave, a freshly pressed shirt, or wearing flashy colored laces on your dress shoes, it’s those small details that make a big difference for your appearance.  Make it a point to iron your clothes the night before so you’re not late for work in the morning, see the barber no less than once every three weeks, and grab a suit brush so you can keep your suit jackets and pants looking sharp as a tack.
Go to a tailor. Even after you lose that weight and beef up your biceps, your new threads still might not fit quite right. While custom clothes can cost a small fortune, you can have a near perfect fit and save some serious dough by having your clothes professionally tailored.
Transforming your style for a new you couldn’t be easier. Keep checking out Skinny Tie Madness for more tips on men’s style, and make 2015 awesome.  

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