Real Men: Wear Pink

October is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign created to increase awareness about the disease. It is a time of honoring survivors, wearing pink ribbons, fund-raising events and spreading the word about the importance of early detection.
Many men in pink will take to the streets to participate in a breast cancer walk or run to support their friends and loved ones. By raising money, forming teams and volunteering their time, men are significant contributors in the fight for the cure. Some men become advocates for the cause, blogging or launching organizations to get the word out and help support the women in their lives.
Organizations such as Men Against Breast Cancer educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when cancer strikes. As active participants in the fight against breast cancer, men are caring for the women they love, with the goal of improving the patients’ quality of life.
A lot of men want to get involved, but they aren’t always sure what to do. Men are problem solvers and a breast cancer diagnosis isn’t something they can fix. By accessing information from support groups and caregiving experts, men can help their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters navigate this difficult time.
The men in pink are the backbone to many women who are battling breast cancer. They are the ones who say it will be okay, give reassuring hugs and never give up. Pink is their best color.

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