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Spring Brings More Variety— Even for Men’s Style

Did you hear that?
The rustling winds outside of your window are the sound of old man winter screaming for his life. His snowstorms have run their course, and he’s just about through with ruining our moods with those early sunsets and overcast skies.
Enter spring. Like a shiny red fire engine rushing to save a burning building, spring extinguishes the doldrums of winter with sunny skies and a fresh warm breeze. Little red and yellow tulips begin popping up all over the place, kids are outside playing again, and for just a couple weeks, trees bear pink leaves. The girls go gaga over all the gorgeous sights and sounds of spring, and even guys feel a little more chipper this time of year.
Spring brings variety and refreshes the spirit, and what better way to capture the essence of the season than by refreshing your wardrobe? We’ll show you how to give your outfits some colorful variety and get up to speed with the greenest season of the year.
#1: Outerwear
Spring mornings are typically on the brisk side, especially before May, so stay warm and stylish with a blazer. Grey and navy are excellent color choices during the daytime, while black blazers are best for night. If you wear a sweater over your collared shirt, go with some of the lighter colors as mentioned above, and be sure to wear cotton instead of wool.
#2: Pants
Your snazzy wool pants are great for cold January days, but they’ll leave you itchy and sweaty in late March and April. When the weather is extra warm, be sure to wear dress pants made with polyester, linen, or cotton.
When it comes to color, khaki, light grey, and navy are your best bets, since they’re neutral enough to go with flashy spring colors. Make sure your dress trousers are slim fitting and flat, because front- pleated pants are way too anti-modern. Of course for casual Fridays and weekend wear, you can never go wrong with dark blue or grey denim.
#3: Shirts
While pants provide the foundation of your outfit, its shirts and ties that bring your outfit to life. Button down shirts in winter colors like grey, royal blue, red, and dark blue should go to the back of the closet in favor of whites and pastels like mauve, light pink, yellow, green, lavender, and sky blue. Paired up with navy, khaki, or light grey trousers, pastels give your outfit some springy sophistication and lighten your appearance, not your manhood.
#4: Neckties and Bowties
If you really want to get in a sunny frame of mind, shake up your wardrobe with some new neckties and bowties in pastel colors and springy patterns like florals and plaids. Instead of wearing silk, go for cotton neckties and bowties. They’re incredibly lightweight, great for the warmer months of the year. While you definitely want to mix things up with ties, be sure to follow the style rules when mixing and matching shirts and ties (if you haven’t already, check out our 4 Masterful Rules for Mixing Shirts and Ties).
#5: Shoes
Tell the boots to take a hike and get down with a couple pairs of wingtip oxfords in light brown leather or grey suede. When you’re dressing down, complement your dark denim with a pair of neutral low-top sneakers, like Vans Chima Pro. When temps rise above 75°, stay classy and cool with a pair of slip-on leather loafers.

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