Spring Cleaning Closets

With the change of weather mandating a change of wardrobe, it's time for a spring cleaning in your closet. What's in and what's out this season? What should you purge from your closet and what should you keep? After you make some room, what new items can you add to give your wardrobe a boost?

You probably have a rack full of old ties; some new, some old, some expensive and probably some that are just ugly and outdated. If you haven't worn the fat tie with the bold pattern over the last year, chances are it won't make its debut this spring. You might be holding on to some of these ties because you feel nostalgic or you spent too much money on them, but it's probably time to donate or dispose of them.

After you've narrowed down the ties you want to keep, think about adding a few new ones to your wardrobe. A Skinny Tie can make a huge impact on your appearance. Take a peek at the bestsellers or create your own look that describes your style. You can choose from hipster, preppy, classic, or edgy, for just the right look.

For other ways to accessorize your spring wardrobe, you might want to try a tie clip or pocket square from Skinny Tie Madness. These simple additions can finish off your look and take you to the next level of style. The way you put yourself together, shows the world what you think of yourself. This season, take some time to fine tune who you are and what you want to be. 

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