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Suit and Tie Accessories to Complete Every Look

A suit is an essential part of your wardrobe, but a suit alone will not complete your look. Part of pulling off a complete look includes wearing a properly fitted suit with a few accessories that showcase your personality. Here are a few ways to take your suit from ordinary to interesting. 

  1. The tie — There is a lot of room to play with this accessory. If you play it safe with your shirt, you can add a statement with your tie. With Skinny Tie Madness, you can shop by look, fabric, pattern, and color. 
  2. The tie clip — It is not only functional by keeping your tie in place, the tie clip adds visual interest to your look. Proper placement of a tie bar is in between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. Never wear a tie bar that is wider than your tie.
  3. The pocket square — Look for a pocket square that plays off one of the colors in the suit or tie but doesn't match exactly. Although it's a small accessory, it can change the appearance of your suit without much effort. 
  4. The watch — You can choose a metal or leather band to match the dressiness of your suit. For a business look, choose a watch with multiple functions to meet your needs at the office. For formal occasions, a simple dress watch is appropriate. 
  5. The cuff link — This accessory can only be worn with French cuff shirts, but they will add a touch of personal style to your suit. Cuff links come in a variety of styles and colors ranging from novelty to sophisticated.  

Whether you're wearing a suit to work, out to dinner, or to a formal occasion, create your own style by adding a few accessories to complete your look. You are sure to make a good impression when you put some thought into your style. Check out the ties and pocket squares at Skinny Tie Madness for a few updated options. 

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