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​The Classy Guy’s Guide to Office Holiday Party Wear

Break out the spiked cider, Swedish meatballs, and bad dancing, because it’s time for the annual office holiday extravaganza. Even though you’ll be sipping drinks with your co-workers, this party is technically a work event, which means that your outfit still needs to be somewhat formal. So to help you look great at the office holiday party, we’ll break down how to keep your outfit both festive and classy. 
Holiday Office Party Don’ts

Even if your boss likes to mosey around with reindeer antlers on his head, you still should strive to look your best from head to toe. Getting into the holiday spirit doesn’t mean wearing that bulky blue snowflake sweater or the cheesy green tie with Christmas light patterns all over it. Leave the embarrassing outfits to someone else in the office, and don’t wear any antlers, elves’ ears, or Santa hats.
Get to Know Plaids
Plaid just has a vintage, merry feel going for it, making it a great choice for any holiday party. You can find plaid in everything from jackets to socks, but don’t overdo it. If your shirt is plaid, go with a solid tie. Pay attention to your colors, of course, and go with plaids that have some dark shades of green and red.
Wearing a Suit?
Fine, do what suits you—pun totally intended. But to keep your formal wear festive, go with a grey wool suit in plaid. If you really want to rock your formal wear with the holiday spirit, sport a solid red or hunter green vest underneath the jacket. Replace the tie with a bowtie and your suit will be jollier than ever.
Keeping it Slightly Casual?
Awesome—but you still should keep your outfit classy. Some jolly formal outfit essentials include:

  • V-neck sweaters over plaid button downs. Go with solid maroon or dark green for some sophisticated holiday style, and throw in a plaid tie for good measure.

  • Dark wool dress pants. If you don’t have wool dress pants, a dark wash pair of jeans will suffice, since the dark color will mask any spilled drinks or food stains.

  • Velvet or plaid blazer. Holiday wear doesn’t get any swankier than a solid velvet or plaid wool blazer. Pair it with denim or dress pants, and if you go with a button down underneath, sport a bowtie on the collar and get ready to get noticed.

  • Leather dress shoes. Oxfords or boots will work, but whatever you do, don’t even think about wearing sneakers to this shindig. If you’re wearing denim or light grey trousers, wear brown shoes. If you’re going with charcoal or black trousers, make sure your shoes are black as well.


Know Your Fabrics
You’d hate to be chatting with that cute chick in accounting as sweat pours down your neck, so make sure you pay attention to the fabrics you wear. While cotton is slightly more breathable than wool, wool has an inexplicable stylish edge to it that you just don’t get with cotton. If you’re not the sweaty type, feel free to go with wool, but if you’re the one who’s red-faced and breaking a sweat two drinks into the party, keep it light and wear cotton.
From all of us as Skinny Tie Madness, have a safe and happy holiday season and a fantastic new year!

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