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​The Do’s and Don’ts of Tie Care

Your ties are shining examples of your impeccable taste and outstanding sense of style. They’re the reason you stand out amongst the rest of the suits in the office and on the streets. But while ties are the perennial playmakers of your outfits, they’re much more delicate than your shirts and slacks, which is why you need to take extra special care of them. So if you’re looking to keep your ties in tip-top shape for years to come, brief yourself on a few of the biggest do’s and don’ts of tie care.

Hang it. A tie rack is most ideal, but if you don’t have one, draping your ties over a hanger is a great second option. Doing so, you’ll allow those creases from the previous wear to come out on their own. Keep your dedicated tie hangers in between cotton sweaters or shirts to prevent nicking from the closet or other fabrics, like wool sweaters. Whatever you do, don’t roll them up.

Gently hide it beneath your shirt when eating. Stains are very tough to get out of silk ties. In the event that you do spill a bit of coffee or ketchup on your tie, gently blot it with cold water and get to the dry cleaner ASAP.

Be easy on it when untying. Gently untie it the way you put it on. Pulling down on the small end of the tie slightly stretches the shape of the tie each time you do it, and after about 10 wears or so, your finely creased tie will be ever so slightly rounded towards the wide end.

Iron it. Ironing destroys the shape of the tie. One of the best ways to remove wrinkles is by hanging your tie on the back of the bathroom door while you take a hot, steamy shower. The steam will help the tie breathe and release the wrinkles. If steam doesn’t work, quickly and gently iron it on low heat.

Wash it. Unless it’s a cotton tie, get it over to the dry cleaner if needs a cleaning. Throw a silk tie in the washer, and you might as well
throw it in the garbage.

Tie care is as easy as that. For more tips on ties and men’s style, please visit http://articles.skinnytiemadness.com/

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