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​The Prom Date: Stellar Style Tips for Guys

Let’s face it—prom is one of the highlights of being a teen, and this night is nothing short of unforgettable. Follow these quick tips below to make sure that your memories and mom's favorite photos from your prom night will make you proud for years to come.
#1: Match your date. It takes two to tango, but your date isn’t the only one who has to rock the fashion dance floor. Make sure that you coordinate with your date ahead of time so that you two look like a duo. Whether you sport a sparkly pink handkerchief, a vest that matches your dates color scheme, or the always trendy skinny tie, complementing colors are the clever way to match your date.
#2: Stand out from the rest of the penguins. Want to stand out with a cane or top hat? Go for it. Or if you want to stay smooth and stylish like JT, keep it to a Fedora and a skinny tie. The key here: find accessories to your outfit that are totally you.
#3: Prom night flying solo. Going solo? Awesome. Rocking your own style without a date to coordinate with is one of the best ways to make a style statement for your whole class to see. Don't let anything stop you and go all out. Look for inspiration from pop culture, like 50 Shades of Grey, your favorite music acts, or even go with a crazy-colored tux like Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Whatever you do, just make sure that you have fun with your prom style and be true to yourself.
#4: Coordinate your accessories. Whether you go with a three-piece suit or a tux, it’s important to color-coordinate your accessories if you really want to catch some eyes. Sync up your tie with your pocket square and socks, and go with a snazzy pair of cufflinks that complement your vest. Get creative with it!
The bottom line here—don’t just throw on a tux and expect to stand out. Put some thought into your outfit and strive to look stellar on this unforgettable night. 

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