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The Top 3 Winning Work Looks for Guys

Since we’re not all top level executives at big companies, wearing a suit everyday just isn’t practical, or even necessary, for many of us. So to help you look great for every work occasion, we’ve broken the top 3 winning work looks that are sure to get you to the top.
Winning Work Look #1: Business casual
This is what most of us wear day to day in the office, and the possibilities are endless here. In general, business casual is less formal than wearing a suit, but you still should wear a tie, an oxford, and dress shoes with a nice pair of dress trousers.
Today’s most style-savvy guys breathe life into their formal wear with outfits such as:

Even though it’s business casual, save the sneakers for the weekends and sport a pair of boat shoes, loafers, or brown leather dress shoes.
Winning Work Look #2: Casual
For casual Fridays or offices with a laid back dress code, play it safe with chinos and an oxford or polo (depending on the weather). Save the pastel colors for when you’re out with your friends, and wear grey, khaki, or brown when you’re in the office.
Ties definitely aren’t necessary when going casual, but wearing a skinny tie or a cool patterned tie is a great way to add some personality to your look.  Unlike business casual, sneakers can be okay, as long as they’re a simple pair of canvas or suede sneakers. Hold off on your flashy Nikes.
Winning Work Look #3: Sport the suit
So you have a big meeting coming up or a national conference where you’ll be meeting a slew of new people? This is the time to look your best and break out the suit. Make sure it’s a grey or navy suit, as these colors are sleek, neutral, and just downright professional. Three-piece suits might be a bit over the top, but a well-tailored two-piece suit will have you looking great no matter what the occasion may be. Be sure to accessorize and put plenty of thought into items such as cufflinks, sunglasses, watches, and ties. 

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