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​The Wedding Date: How to Be a Great Guest

So your friends are getting married. It seems like once one friend does it, everyone else starts tying the knot, beginning the never-ending cycle of showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings. Have no fear though, every wedding provides a great opportunity to impress your friends with your style, charisma, and proof that you really do know how to dance. Follow these tips below to be everyone’s favorite wedding guest and a sure-fire hit at the party!
#1: Groom it up. We’re not talking about the husband to-be, here. We mean the rug on your head and the bristles on your face. Get a haircut the day before the wedding and shave the morning of. If you have a beard, trim it up and clean up the lines that morning as well.
#2: Dress like you mean it. Impress everyone in attendance by looking the sharp, best version of yourself. You can rock a three-piece suit, go black tie with a tux, or simply wear your best two-piece suit in grey or navy. Be sure to accessorize with pocket squares, cufflinks, and of course, a stunning tie or bowtie. If you really want to make heads turn, go with a skinny tie, and don’t forget to follow the rules of mixing and matching shirt and tie patterns.
#3: If you’re single, bring a date. Weddings are just way more fun when you go with a date, from having a dancing partner to having someone to crack jokes with. And if you end up going solo, don’t hesitate to mingle—you’re definitely not the only single there.  
#4: Hit the dance floor. No one likes a slouch that just stands there with a drink watching everyone else dance. Who cares how you look out there? No matter how bad you dance, everyone loves a man who can do the twist, the Cupid Shuffle, and even slow dance to John Legend. If you want to, you can even brush up on your wedding songs ahead of time and get a few moves under your belt.
#5: Chat it up. Weddings are the ultimate time to connect with folks from far and wide. At a very minimum, use it as an opportunity to brush up on your charismatic sales goals, outgoing personality, and regulation of drunk people. Seriously. Fine-tuning your social skills at weddings can actually make you a bit sharper in your professional life. 

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