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Top 10 (Worst) Trends from the First Decade of the 2000s

You probably remember some of the more embarrassing fashion and technology trends of the late 90s (destroy the pictures). Unfortunately, some of the hilarity carried over into the first decade of the new millennium, and it is our job to document all things mixed up! Check out our list of the top 10 worst trends from 2000-2010.
10. Matching track suits. You know those terry cloth pastel track suits that every girl had in five different colors? Don’t forget the color-coordinated tank top underneath!
9. Ugggggggs. Ugh. These fuzzy boots are still around, but they made a big splash during the early 2000s. For whatever reason, people still wear them year-round, from the coldest day of winter (with their jeans tucked in of course) to the warm days of summer (short shorts and Uggs, what the heck?).
8. Flip phones. Okay, while there really wasn’t anything you could do about the fact that the first iPhone didn’t make its debut until 2007, you can’t deny being totally mesmerized by your sweet pink Razor.
7. The music. With lyrics like, “Shake it like a polaroid picture,” who could deny themselves a one-person dance party?
6. Jeans without back pockets or belt loops. Seriously, whose idea was that?
5. Perfectly crafted AIM away messages. Whether you were using lyrics from your favorite song or leaving a subtle message for that special someone, the graphics and characters in each line had to match up exactly, and you always had to have a backup in case someone used the same song as you.
4. Burning your best playlist onto a blank CD. Long gone were the days of mixed tapes, blank CDs were way cooler. Whether you were using it to rock out in your car or giving it to a special someone, your lineup of Christina Aguilera and Savage Garden was on point.
3. Saying things were “so fetch.” Mean Girls made quite a splash in 2004, and we’ve been quoting it ever since. While many of the lines will live on forever, using “fetch” and channeling Gretchen Wieners on a regular basis—mega embarrassing.
2. Name jewelry. If you didn’t have a necklace or bracelet with your name spelled out in a girly font, you were probably not hip at the beginning of the millennium.
1. Myspace. Top friends. The perfect profile picture. The not-so-subtle statuses about your ex. While we are forever grateful that Myspace forged the way for Facebook and Twitter, we’d rather forget the way we used it during the last decade.

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