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Valentine’s Recipes to Woo Her

Getting a reservation on Valentine’s Day is something you need to plan for weeks in advance. This year, instead of taking her out to an overpriced and overcrowded restaurant, impress her with your culinary talents and cook for her at home.
Plan ahead by getting the ingredients you will need to make the night a success. Even though you will be staying at home, make an effort to look good. Wear your best shirt and Skinny Tie and add a splash of cologne. She will notice your attention to the small details.
For a more relaxed evening, consider making a Classic Cheese Fondue. Select the dipping items to your liking. Some traditional ingredients are crusty bread, vegetables, cured meats and fresh fruits. Keeping the mood light with fun food will give you the flexibility to set up near a cozy fire or next to one another on the couch.
If you are interested in planning a sophisticated evening, consider Filet Mignon with Goat Cheese and Pancetta. Set the stage by arranging a quiet meal for two. Use nice linens and china if you have them, or perhaps borrow them for the occasion. Candles and background music will add a nice touch to the romantic atmosphere. Have her favorite wine chilling and think ahead to say something thoughtful for the toast.
You can’t have a Valentine’s Day meal without a delicious decadent dessert. Individual Chocolate Melting Cakes are just the right size for a sweet ending. Topped with ice cream and caramel sauce, the moist cake will melt in your mouth.
Cooking for your love is one of the most romantic things you can do. With so many step by step recipes out there, it is the perfect plan for Valentine’s Day. 

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