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Trendy vs Smart: Which is your style

What is the difference between dressing smart and dressing trendy? Maybe you want to amp up your style but you're not exactly looking for a complete overhaul. Dressing smart will take your style to the next level without being too flashy or expensive. It will also define your style in the workplace where you can dress to impress.

Smart implies there is thought that goes into what you are wearing. You need to invest in pieces that stand the test of time and always look good. Smart is neat and put together, yet can include pieces that are on trend. Smart-casual is preferred in the workplace, where being too trendy can be over the top.

A neutral blazer, a solid-colored dress shirt or T-shirt, and a few Skinny Ties are go-to items to have in your closet. For your lower half, smart-casual should include chinos and dark, well-fitted denim. There are several shoe styles to consider for smart dressing that includes boots, loafers, and Oxfords. Aim to stay comfortable, but keep it neat. 

If you prefer to keep up with current trends, add individual pieces to your wardrobe that will show your sense of style without changing your smart look. Unlike your investment pieces, your trendy pieces will be short-lived. You will not want to spend a lot on these items, but they can be fun for the short-term. 

Don't forget about grooming when it comes to looking smart. Schedule regular appointments to keep your hair in check. You could be wearing a great outfit, but if your hair looks too unkempt, no one will see your clothes. 


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