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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Notice His Style

A truly savvy man dresses to impress from his slick of his hair to the lace of his shoes. Ties, button-up shirts and sweaters are pieces you can never have too many of. If you feel confident in selecting appropriate styles and sizes, wonderful! (But don’t forget the gift receipt.)
GQ Magazine shared some of the hottest trends in men’s fashion for fall/winter 2014, including:

If you need help shopping, associates at high-end department and retail stores can be of tremendous assistance — just be prepared to provided them with a bit of insight on your gent to help them get started.
Don’t be afraid to talk fashion with him. Ask what his favorite styles are for the season, where he likes to shop and what brands he prefers. This conversation may even lead to him sharing what pieces he’s hoping to add to his collection — giving you a great start on your shopping.

What’s his drink of choice?

Does he prefer beer, wine or liquor? Knowing the answer to this simple question can provide an easy, yet thoughtful, gift option. If you know the specific brand he prefers, you could easily go with that selection. Or, you could switch it up for him and give him a different brand to try.
If he enjoys craft beer, there is a world of variety out there; some of which can be rather tricky to track down — making it an even more thoughtful gift if you’re able to do so. Two noteworthy apps, BeerAdvocate and Picky Pint, provide further information on finding, rating and learning more about craft beers.
Three of the top 100 noteworthy craft beers, according to Paste Magazine:

  • The Alchemist Heady Topper

  • Victory Prima Pils

  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine-Style Ale

If he prefers cocktails, a few gifts to consider:

Gift options for the wine enthusiast:

Personalization goes a long way

Personalization can make even the simplest gift feel more considerate. While you could go with a typical engraving of a mug, flask or watch, a few more unique customizable options to consider include:

Give a fresh and unique gift

Sometimes, you don’t have to pick the specific items to give the perfect gift. A subscription box, such as Gentleman’s Box, sends unique products to your gift recipient each month. Gift packages are available in 3- 6- and 12-month options.
Each Gentleman’s Box follows a unique theme in honor of an iconic gentleman’s style and class. The 4-5 products hand-selected products inside each box range from grooming supplies to wardrobe accessories — and everything in-between. Every box is also equipped with the latest issue of GQ magazine.
As a modern new product for men this season, Gentleman’s Box is the unique gift that’s sure to impress. Give your gentleman the savvy man’s gift that keeps on giving — give them Gentleman’s Box.

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