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What to Wear, Where: A Dress Primer for Men

It’s the ultimate question that every fella faces at least twice in his life: “what to wear, where?”
Dress etiquette just isn’t as clear cut as it should be, and overdressing or underdressing is an easy way to make a lousy first impression in any situation. So below we’ve listed the protocol for how to dress at some of the biggest occasions of your life.

Job Interviews
The old adage of “dress for the job that you want” is tried, tested, and always true. Appearance is everything, and no outfit makes a better first impression than a suit. If you don’t have a suit, get one, and check out our tips for choosing a flawless first suit. Besides, your suit will come in handy for weddings, funerals, and networking events as well. Simply put, a suit is a must have for every guy- no excuses.

First Dates
On the first date, you want to look good, but you don’t want to pull all of the rabbits out of the hat, if you know what we mean. Go with dark wash jeans, an oxford, and a blazer for the first date. If the weather is extra warm, lose the blazer and rock a polo with khakis or jeans- NO SHORTS. We mean it.

Second Dates
So many guys think that it’s ok slack off a bit when it comes to what they wear on the second date, so this is your chance to rise above the rest and show your date why you’re different. Sport a pair of flat-front trousers, a shirt and tie, and a quality pair of dress shoes or loafers. Keep in mind, the tie is the centerpiece of your outfit, so aim to wear an eye-catching tie that adds some pizazz to your formal wear.

When popping the question
Are you really planning on sporting jeans and a t-shirt when you break out that expensive rock and ask the apple of your eye if she’ll spend the rest of her life with you? The idea here is to dress nicely, but without giving away any hints. As you did on the second date, go for trousers, dress shoes, an oxford.

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