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What’s the Deal With Necktie Length?

So your old man wasn’t too clear about tie length, eh? But even if he was, you’re a 21st century man, and you know as well as anyone that style trends change about as often as your little brother changes the channel. Appearance is the first thing we look at when forming an opinion about someone, and for guys, wearing your tie like your grandfather could make you the laughing stock of the office.

The Golden Rule

As it turns out, the tried and true rule for wearing a tie still applies today, at least for now. The tip of the wide part of your tie should land at some point on your belt.

If you’re shorter, the tie should be slightly longer, with the tip landing somewhere near the center or bottom of the belt buckle. The extra length of the tie can actually be deceptive in your favor, making you appear somewhat taller.

If you’re tall, a tie that lands at the top of the belt buckle is acceptable, but you should consider wearing an extra-long tie.

Does Width Play a Factor?

The short answer is “no.” Skinny ties, traditional ties, extra-wide 3.5” ties, you name it. Regardless of width, all ties should touch the belt.

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