Tie Names

Here at STM we get a lot of questions about our ties…A LOT.  The most common question being “who comes up with your tie names”.  In the beginning they were all named by STM founder Parth Sharma.  He started out with mostly Simpsons references but quickly ran dry so he decided to turn to his customers.  If you’ve purchased a tie from STM you may have received an email from us saying “Do you have any funny names for our ties?”  We’ve found that most people respond with 2-3 names and we generally end up using them because we like to get our followers involved.


This season’s tie names didn’t have any specific theme (past themes have included Villains, Drink Names, and Funny Cities).  This season was more of a hodge podge but we did stick to our general naming conventions which are listed below in an unnecessary bullet list:

  • Must Be Funny
  • Vulgar is Preferred
  • Alliteration is Welcome
  • Rhyming Names are Always Fun

The best of the batch are pictured below:


For the blue tie we took the phrase “Sugar in The Gas Tank” and replaced “Gas” with “Fish”.  For the check tie with took the phrase “Safe and Sound” and changed “Sound” To “Musical Note”.  If you think these names are neither clever nor fun please please please help us and email us some hilarious name suggestions.  We need help!  If we end up using your suggestion we’ll send you a free tie and give you naming credit on the website.


Other runner ups for the season are listed below an a bullet list which is more approriately used than the previous bullet list:

Got any suggestions for tie names, funny names, or stupid names please email us at info@skinnytiemadness.com



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